Honey Bee Removal

Do you have unwanted honeybees swarming in your yard or house? 

Please do not kill them!

They just need a different location. Help us help honeybees by getting them out of your problem area and putting them back to work producing honey in a safe location!

The following local beekeepers offer swarm and honeybee removal services.

 Call Doug Hancock to have a broadcast text message
sent to all available beekeepers:  540-850-7018








Servicing Area

Honey Bee Removal

Mike Church  King George 540-775-9740 King George, Fredericksburg,  Northern Neck Swarms
Bob and Darlene Wernsman  King George 540-775-2364 King George, Fredericksburg,  Northern Neck Swarms & Structures, (trap-outs, no cut-outs)
Doug Hancock

King George


King George


Northern Neck

Dean Thompson  King George 540-775-1051 King George, Fredericksburg,  Northern Neck Swarms
Follow this link to an explanation of trap-outs and cut-outs.

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Did You Know:

  • Honey bees' wings stroke 11,400 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.
  • A Honey bee flies 15 M.P.H.
  • During the summer, the typical honey bee colony contains between 40,000 to 70,000 bees.
  • A Honey bee has 5 eyes, two of which are compound and three simple eyes. 
  • Secreted from glands, beeswax is used by the honeybee to build honey comb. It is used by humans in drugs, cosmetics, artists' materials, furniture polish and candles.
  • Honey bees are not aggressive by nature, and will not sting unless protecting their hive from an intruder or are unduly provoked. 
  • Worker bees cooperate to find food and use a pattern of "dancing" (known as the waggle dance) to communicate information regarding resources with each other.

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